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Created 31-Oct-15
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Halloween is my favorite holiday - one day in a year I do not have to dress up for work, but can be myself and dress as I want.
Microsoft is my favorite company - one place where I can dress as myself and not be out of the place.
2021 AntiVaxxers' Nightmare2021  _May the Fourth be with you2019 Bag of Bones2017 The Real Ugh 'Murican Pumpkinhead2016 Father Time2015 Strawman2015 Santa is Coming!2014 Sasha O'Lantern2013 Santa is coming ...2013 Horseless Headman2012 Pirate Claus2011 Gipsy2010 Alibaba and a Cave2009 Very Big Pumpkin2008 Front-side-back Lady2007 Crystal Ball2006  2 B OR NOT 2 B!2005 Family Photo2004 Card Key2003 Hospital Patient

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