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Created 10-May-20
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Sometimes you have to challenge yourself to find the interesting topic within the time frame of one short walk around the park. Here the inspiration was finding various 3s around me.
Try to do a similar challenge yourself. You don't have to take pictures - just notice patterns. Threes, or fours, or shape, or color, or ... It should be interesting.
Трице и тројке. Шетао сам паркићем и тражио где видим три нечега да усликам. Баш је био занимљив изазов.
Three FuzziesFFFF00  FFFF00  FFFF00Triple CapacityTriple StrengthThree Thin & Tall Through The neTThree on the TopThree in a Triangle3x Rock SteadyThree RoundsThree Balls in a TriangleForm three from a treeThree stoogiesThree peaks

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