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Created 20-Apr-20
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Self-imprisonment within our gilded cages may look depressing, but did you ever took a moment to notice the beauty of those fences that separate us from the free world as we knew B.C. (Before Corona)?
Ставите птичицу у кавез и онда се потрудите да јој улепшате живот са лепим решеткама, цвећем и погледом.
Седите код куће као затвореник и не размишљајући о лепоти ових решетки које сте сами себи изабрали.
CurlsCriss-Cross TriangleCloud in The NetMountain Beauty in the DistancePatterns, but where?Even warnings signs are cagedBeauty Before the ShadowFlimsy Fences are Real TooSilvery CageFramed and Protected  ViewBarsEven Fence can be FencedShadows of Life on the WallGated Art

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