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For the first time ever, I had the party in my own house.
For the last time ever, I was still only 60 years old.
A new era is beginning for me.
One step closer to maturity.
In my attempt to age to perfection I marked my 61st birthday.
Neighbors, friends, and ex-coworkers came to celebrate this important milestone and see if they keep up with this 61-year-old.
I'd like to use this moment to thank the academy and all who came and contributed and especially those who didn't come and still contributed (i.e. Goca). Our VIS Svirci did it again and delivered a great musical segment to this marathon party (12pm-12am).
THANK YOU ALL, this party wouldn't be the same without you.


61. рођендан је прослављен са преко 50 гостију, уз обиље ића, пића и свирке, зачињено причом, хвалисањем и одличним расположењем.

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