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1st snow of the season should be fun!
My fun was cut short by big bang at 11pm. Huge branch couldn't hold all that snow (an inch?), broke, hit my house and fell on the ground a few yards away from me inside). Small damage on the roof, that could be easy avoided if Bothell city park director bothered to listen to me year ago when I warned him about this exact scenario.
An hour later, in sync with the movie I was watching, there are two big thumps, we lost the power, and through the window I see the shower of sparks on the Tolt Trail that is passing close to my house.
Now, don't get me wrong, dark at midnight is not a big deal. I just go to sleep. My water heater works, so no problem there. But it is cold outside and my heating won't push those fans until there is electricity. I planned on adding a battery for a few important devices in the house, but not this year. Time to consider pushing them up in the priority.


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