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Created 13-Feb-21
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First real snow of the season had to be marked with something special. Like soap bubbles, or those who enjoy the element and those who don't
FYI: Oven mittens can be useful if you don't have Bernie's.
Једва сам исчекао овај снег. Најзад је све бело и могу да уживам у снежним радостима.
Colorful Soap BubbleFrozen BubbleBubblzBoom!!!ReflectionsMelting Heart for Valentine's DayHusky ElementCatch me if you can!Fountain of YouthSmall in body but big in heartJump startNot in elementNeed assistance?Snow DamMaze of  branches and snowGreen & White LaceSelfie with my young assistantPure imagination of a selfie with my neighborhood assistantArtist and his ArtworkSnow ain't a problem!

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