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Created 28-Apr-19
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When we were kids, our father was telling us about old Hungarian aristocracy going to the Café Gerbeaud every Sunday morning to show that hey are still alive and well enough for this most important social duty of enjoying some of those amazing sweets prepared here using secret family recipes. My brother and I just had to make up for missed appearances in past years and come on Sunday morning to check in. Looks like old aristocracy died out in last couple of decades because we didn't see anybody fitting that description, but cakes are still keeping this place on top of the sweet experiences you can have in Hungary, or anywhere else for that matter. Highly recommended, even if you are there on some other days. :)
Another recommended place is the Fatal restaurant. Or is it 'The Restaurant Fatal'? Either way, try to ignore the 'Fatal' tourist trap on Váci, and look in the small side street by it where the main restaurant is. Food was excellent and some portions so big that I couldn't finish them at all. Highly recommended.
I got a lot of man-hole cover photos in last few days. Each looks like an artwork. If there was a way to take one home without endangering people, my freedom or airline max luggage weight, I could imagine one or few in my library at home on display. :)
Скоро потпуно истинит догађај из познате посластичарнице Жербо: Данас, док смо јели, ишли смо и на веце. Када сам се вратио, коментарисао сам нешто о баба-сери која је доле седела за столом. Следећи су Јован и Тања ишли и са додатним информацијама о њој смо закључили да је она овде још од прошлог рата. Бања Сурови је сишао и рекао јој да је Лењин умро па нема више зашто да се крије тамо. Док еј Бранка стигла до доле да и она види ту фамозну чуварку санитетских просторија у Жербоу - није је више било. Поверовала баба Бањи (па ко не би) и изашла напоље.
"Нико не зна шта то сија
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