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We got a killer BUDA view from our PEST side AirBnB room: Danube River, Parliament, churches, monument and main bridges. Today we pictured Buda from across the river (our terrace) as well as driving and walking around some of the bigger tourist traps, as well as smaller, less famous ones. They all but kicked us out of the cave-church for talking too loud. Old lady was shushing us louder than we talked and it was a tourist only time, not a mass. :(
Eric Weiss, Hungarian native and usually better known as Harry Houdini has a museum/magic show dedicated to him. I love him and even the high school level magic didn't curb my enthusiasm for the place. It was better than the Cave Church experience where we paid tickets but had to return the pamphlets and I couldn't even translate them to my sister-in-law because of silence inside and nothing to read it from outside. I think that we'll employ services of an History of Art major for the weekend to see if that can top today's tourist experience.
Фантастичан поглед из наше собе, преко Дунава на Будим, је вредео доласка у Пешту. Данашње туристарење старом Будиму ми је само проширило и онако широк осмех тако да сам га морао два пута обмотати око главе. :)
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