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Created 13-Oct-19
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Боба има изванредан поглед на Ванкувер! Не само кроз стаклене зидове свог апартмана небу под облацима, него и критичко око једног архитекте које нам је указало на детаље овог града које иначе не бисмо никада запазили.
Another way to look at the Vancouver - from the top, to its tops, from up close and from afar. Thanks Boba for this opportunity. It was great way to spend a day in Vancouver.
Room viewHarbour viewWould you live here?Empty spaceUrban jungleNarrow viewEven narrower viewCovered gardens at the topOval over squaresDouble-selfie from across the streetR&R at the topBobaBobaWhat's in the store for you six feet under?Chcolate Sculpture by Thomas Haas@ Thomas HaasColorful ZebrasWTFWhen you don't have enough space for the whole building on the groundVancouver

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