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Created 21-Apr-18
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Juanita Bay Park is not as full of wildlife as it used to be just a few short years ago, but there is still plenty to enjoy if you can put away your mobile devices and take time to enjoy the nature.
Оближњи парк око мало залива је пун фотогеничног живота. Мораћу мало ћешће ту да шетам.
Flyer WannabeFlyer in the AirFlyer on the FenceFlyer Showing OffFlyer Going AwayFlyers on the WaterBlue Heron FlybyBlue Heron ArrivingBlue Heron Posing for a PortraitBlue Heron PosingBlue Heron ReflectsBlue Heron Getting FoodBlue Heron HuntingBlue Heron EatingTurtle Pile-UpTurtle StretchTurtle Pile-Up and a Curious BystanderTurtle ReflectionsTurtle Colors!Кажи ТРСКА

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