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Imagine you are a goose egg with a heart of an explorer. Very tough combo.
- You'd have to learn how to camouflage yourself so you are not noticed by those that would like to know you better. On the inside.
- You would have to learn how to be where nobody would expect you, for an egg, that would be a rocky road. On a shore.
- You'd have to still your heart and not call out, even if you see your parents looking for you and missing you because of your good blending skills.
- Finally, you'd have to have patience to wait until all leave the area before moving forward and explore the world.

Could YOU do that?
Може ли неко да ми каже, одакле гушчје јаје у камењару, поред воде?
- Нигде гнезда осим оштрог камења.
- Нигде маме да ми не дозволи да приђем.
- А на јаје се већ ухватило свашта као да је тамо данима, непримећено од других птица.

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