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Created 13-May-17
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We passed by the farm earlier today and saw an hour old foal. Mom's placenta was still hanging around her legs. I'm a city boy and seeing a newly born foal without a logo of National Geographic or Discovery Channel in the corner is truly a unique and amazing experience. Luckily, I happened to have a camera or few with me at that moment, and the farmer had no issues with me coming to the fence to take a few hundred photos.
Ждребе! Сат времена старо! Не знам како ви, али мени је ово први пут да видим овако нешто уживо. Захваљујући мојим кузминцима, имао сам шансу да видим крмачу како се праси, али овако младо ждребе још нисам успео ни да видим ни да сликам.

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