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Holidays came early around here and Santa sent me a nice battery operated car - Nissan Leaf 2015 as a sock stuffing. Dirty fuel like coal and gasoline are for others - I'm going green. :)

Nissan Leaf is 100% electric vehicle, that can go 93 miles on one charge, and before you ask - no I won't get stuck without juice on the freeway because there are many quick charge stations all over the area that allow me to fill up from 0-80% in 30 minutes.
One, for me, super cool thing is that this is a car that has 4 cameras. Parking is not a guesswork anymore, and my daily commute now counts 10 cameras in or on the car. :)
Pričaju neki lik i dalmatinac:

Lik: Čujem kupio si auto?
Dalmatinac: Jesan.
Lik: Koji?
Dalmatinac: Nisan.
Lik: Pa čekaj, jesi ili nisi?
Dalmatinac: Pa jesan.
Lik: Pa koji?
Dalmatinac: Nisan.
Lik: Pa sad si rekao da jesi?
Dalmatinac: Pa jesan
Lik: Pa što sad kažeš da nisi?
Dalmatinac: Kad? Pa nisan reka da nisan.
Lik: Pa znači jesi?
Dalmatinac: Pa jesan.
Lik: Pa koji?
Dalmatinac: Nisan.
Lik: Znači opet nisi?
Dalmatinac: Jesan.
Lik: Jesi?
Dalmatinac: Ma kupia nisan.
Lik: Nisi?
Dalmatinac: Jesan...........
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