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Cultural Trip

Just about everybody can recognize Sydney Opera House by sight because of its unusual architecture, but it is not less interesting when you come really close to it. Those roofs are actually made from small lightly colored tiles. And they make a very nice pattern. Really cool. As for the inside of this great building – we’ll have to wait until Sunday when they will perform some of the greatest operas for us. It should be fun.
Next to the Opera House is a Botanical Garden which is a home to a whole flock of Kakadus. I’ve seen a Kakadu in the ZOO before, but never so many at the same place. And so unafraid. Super cool!

Museum of Art is always interesting, but here I prefer to see Aboriginal art, especially early one – unspoiled by the commercial influence. After seeing a blank, blue wall, with an unused chair, Zorica and I decided to enhance the look of the gallery with more modern “Pink on Sacre Bleu” original piece. Since taking pictures (without flash) was allowed, I do not think we broke any rules by creating an original, museum quality, work of art in their space. J
Находасмо се и данас. До познате сиднејске опере није био проблем, али када нас је мали возић кроз парк изневерио, оставио, и није се вратио по нас, морали смо сами да се сналазимо за фото инспирације без професионалног водича. Видео сам пар лепих белих папагаја како креште и лете ка некој косини, па сам се дао у лов. Тамо је било десетине тих дивних крештавих птица, и нису се плашиле безобзирног фотографа. Стварно супер!
Моје камере се нису плашили ни у музеју уметности. Нису дозвољавали блиц јер може да оштети сама дела, али док је без блица – нема проблема. Е, тако их волим када дозвољавају да здрав разум управља.
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