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Created 22-Feb-16
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Another 18,000+ steps day, going up and down through Sydney. This time we went all alone, without our nice hosts that had to go and earn their salaries while vacationers can take their sweet time walking around. :)
For some reason we had hard time finding beautiful people, fat people that are not tourists, or aborigines. It is in no way scientific study, nor is it a compared against any published standards, but it is an opinion that both of us agreed after spending a whole day people watching and walking in Sydney downtown. We saw mostly healthy, fit people of all ages, which is very different from what we see in the USA or Serbia. As for aborigine, we looked and looked and only one young guy looked the part. I do not know enough about this country to properly understand it. Are they so small portion of the population that we just didn't give it enough time? Are they really not part of this society, and live only further away from the downtown? Are they in their own neighborhoods? Too many questions with no answers yet, but I intend to look for some local opinions while I'm still here and learn what I can.
Ожуљаше нам се ноге до колена табанајући Сиднејом. Леп град, лепо уређен, са лепим улицама, витким људима у кондицији, али наше цуре су ипак много лепше и уређеније него Аустралијанке. Ту нема конкуренције.
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