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Opera 4 Beginners
Recipe for enjoying the opera for those that do not have season tickets:

  1. Find out which opera is known even to your least opera loving redneck friends.

  2. Book a flight for Sydney, Australia.This is the only one they would recognize, so pay up to keep with Joneses.

  3. When booking a ticket, do not get confused with advertisements disguised as a program.This week, they had some Spanish hairstylist ads smack in the middle, and he was even sold out far ahead.Who cares about some Seville barber in Sydney Opera House?Just look for a ‘Great Opera Hits’.This is something like a sampler plate in the restaurant.

  4. If you did everything as I said so far, you are in for a treat.Normally, you’d get a few hours of some Halloween like dressed people yelling and screaming in some far away language like Eetalian and Germaneeze.Not here.In fairly good English, they describe every song: Why is he singing, to whom is she singing, etc.No guessing.

  5. You get the most interesting pieces of otherwise too long operas.You do not have to suffer through all singing about if she loves him, or if she loves him not. And a song for each petal.No.Here they give you only the juiciest pieces.Good!

  6. If you behave, they will let you audition for a part.Both of us got a chance to sing in the Sydney Opera House, and we jumped to it.We sang during the actual performance, and it went well.Now, this was really cool.

  7. If you feel like you had too many beers before the show – do not worry.At least one of the songs will be canceled so you’ll have the time to stretch legs on your way to the bush.This is why we never heard the song named ‘INTERVAL’.Anyway, as soon as they turn the lights on, jump from your seat and go out.Their outhouse is really inside, and it is very small, so you better get there first or you’ll wait for a long time.
    You may think that just because most of the people behave like they are in the church, this is a proper behavior.Nope! Operas used to be like football matches, and if you want to follow the rules of engagement – do it as it was originally done: Yell your approvals and disapprovals. Clap with the rhythm, and if you really like it – feel free to burst into a song.If you are not fluent in the language they are using in the piece, just do LA, LA, LA!

  8. Taking pictures during the show is not something they like a lot, but if you cover your screen with a tape, they’ll never know.

  9. At the end, look carefully where everybody else is going and you go in the other direction.In the confusion, they won’t notice you until you made it to the hidden area – place where chairs from different shows are left. You can sit in the place of kings or paupers.They are so nice that instead of kicking you out, staff will actually help you take pictures in the hope you leave the premises sooner.

  10. As soon as possible, post your selfies to show everybody how cool you are.Actually, you could even use the break to run from this place and post your photos while other losers are still listening to the music.Now that is the real formula for the success!

Опера у Сиднеју је архитектонски једна од најпрепознатљивијих грађевина на свету, али и место где вреди доћи и чути оперу. Са обзиром да се нисмо сетили на време да резервишемо карте, најпопуларније представе су биле потпуно распродате. Отишли смо да уживамо у комбинацији неких од највећих опера. И ту су распродали све карте, али не пре него што смо ми добили наше. Супер седишта, баш у центру центрова. Лепо се види и лепо се све чује. А избор је био бољи него јеловник у неком бољем ресторану. Изводили су делове Севиљског берберина, Аиде, Фауста, Травиате и других. Без костима, и са минимумом пресвлачења концентрисали смо се на њихове гласове и било је феноменално.
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