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We had a hard day at the beach today. Bondi beach is one of the most visited places in the whole Australia. With a beautiful sand, its own TV shows, famous residents and a shark net around the bay, it is a nice place to spend a day. Southern end has strong current and it is dangerous for swimmers, so it is usually reserved for surfers. That may be less of a problem if the bus stop was not by the South end of the beach, and if there are signs telling you to go continue walking for your own safety - I missed it, and stayed close. On Wikipedia they blame tourist for their unwillingness to walk extra kilometer. I have no idea if anybody thought of moving the bus stop further down the road, or put signs that even I couldn't miss.
Another thing that they failed to tell me is that camera seems to bu unpopular item on the beach where some girls can't afford the top part of the bikini. As far as I know, public places (and beaches) are not the place you can expect privacy, and it is OK to take as many photos as you want as long as you are not bothering anybody. I got a few cameras with me, and had them aimed everywhere all the time. Nobody told me anything about it while I was there, and I'm glad because I'd probably get angry and get into a heated discussion about my rights. Still, I decided not to publish photos that could be objectionable, so don't search for those kind of close-ups. :)
Сиднеј је јако велик. Можеш да пређеш 100 километара и да још увек ниси изашао ван града. Данас смо путовали сат времена и нисмо видели ни њиве ни пустиње ни шуме. Али смо зато видели фантастичну плажу са финим жутим песком, много посетилаца (једно од најпосећенијих места у Аустралији) и невероватним дизајном који је оптимизован тако да скоро ни у једном тренутку немаш хлада нигде на плажи. Чак ни високи камени зид који ограничава плажу, не даје сенку за некога ко хоће да побегне од сунца које баш жеже. А сунцобране има само ко их донесе од куће. Нико их не изнајмљује. Нико их ваљда ни не продаје. Намажу се кремом (или не) и терају даље. Ми смо успели да поцрвенимо и поред мазања. А ако неко има идеју да оде и продаје-изнајмљује сунцобране - размисли опет. Није дозвољена никаква комерционална активност на плажи. Стварно свашта.
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