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What are the rules about dogfights in the USA or Washington state? I know it is illegal to organize dogfights, invite people, having bets, etc.
What if it is your own backyard? With your own dogs? If there is nothing commercial, no tickets, no betting, no food or drinks sold? What if no dog dies? What if dogs like it? What if there is no blood, nor scratch on any of the dogs? What if this is just fun, chasing and nipping without any side effects, except energy spent, more water lapped, and more peace in the house afterwards?
So... If people like it, if dogs like it, if nobody is hurt, if no law is broken, or even bent, is it still called dogfight? Because those are illegal as far as I know. :)


Када евентуална снајка доведе своје кучиће код нас, у башти буде јурњаве на све стране, отимачина око играчака, обарање, севање чељустима и све друго што раде кучићи када се играју.
Једино питање које остаје је на кога би се кладили у таквој битки: На добермана или на минијатурну пудлицу?
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