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After having full house for a while (peek was 10 people and 3 dogs), Zorica and I decided to be alone for a day. A nice trip to the Olympic Peninsula during Olympic Games would be just the thing. Or so we thought.
We had time and no real goal, except to have fun and go toward Port Angeles, so we interrupted the trip whenever we felt like it, and the first stop was Des Moines. Luck would have it and they had their famous BLUES & BREWES festival. Really nice way to start the trip.
Continuation of the trip proved to be a slow moving event for some reason as cars hardly moved in the area we considered far from traffic. GPS led us to believe that we could go around the traffic jam by using some of the side roads and we abandoned waiting in line and turned to the side. Couple of miles was not enough and we made another jump on the side to realize that this was not good enough either. Since nothing was really waiting for us down the road, we turned to the nearby state park, went to the beach and enjoyed the benefit of our tax money hard at work. After a while we realized that we overstayed our welcome when high tide moved Zorica's beach towel twice in a few minutes threatening to wet her shoes and everything else. With a string of lucky coincidences that brought us to this particular location, tide was adding with luck in timing, because we decided to go on and find a place to eat around here. Luckily, I didn't ask our GPS for a nearest restaurant, nor did I start by asking par rangers about it, but I asked Cortana about the good eatery and she suggested a place that was less than a mile from here. Hidden and hard to find, but existing nonetheless. Technically it was not opened yet, but waiting for 15 minutes in the garden was not a bad way to get ready for a meal. That tide had really good timing after all. We were not suppose to be here and especially not at this time of the day, but luck brought us so we hoped that the place won't disappoint and our luck would hold a little longer. Molly Ward Garden is really a jungle of the garden with a lot of plants everywhere and a lot of eclectic pieces of old stuff all over the place. Using the privilege of firstcomers, we sat in the small gazebo that looked like it was made for a couple that got married almost exactly 27 years ago. And food? I do not know what would you expect from a small family place where Dad is the head chef, Mom is a pastry chef and son is serving the food, but if you expected the absolute top notch cooking with a lot of unexpected twists - you'd be on a right place. Last time we ate this good was when for our anniversary we got into one of the best restaurants in Canada, totally by chance, and it was in the middle of Canadian Nowhere. Looks like we have a lot of luck with our romantic anniversary dinners. If your road ever gets you in the neighborhood of this place - do not ignore it. Food is amazing, and you should make it intentional and not rely on a Lady Luck to bring it to you - she is often fickle with her gifts. :)


Крајем августа моја најбоља женица и ја волимо сваке године да одемо негде и будемо малкице заједно. Отприлике баш на годишњицу брака. Онако случајно па традиционално. Овог пута смо кренули прилично бесциљно, гледајући на запад са малим скретањима на југ да заобиђемо досадне трајекте које треба чекати или заказати раније него што смо се ми сетили да то урадимо. Успут смо случајно наишли на фестивал блуза и пива, па онда бежећи од саобраћајне гужве у Недођији, наишли на јако леп државни парк, све са плажом, сунцем и дивним погледом. Ма лепота једна, чак иако нисмо ишли у воду да се брчкамо. Зорица је пунила батерија витамином Д, док сам ја трошио батерије на сликање свега што је лепо и интересантно око мене, почевши са женом ми мојом. Ми панонски морнари баш не познајемо плиме, тако да смо били затечени океаном који је изгледао миран као неко језерце, али ипак нашао начина да скваси ноге лежачима на сунцу који не пазе на месечеве силе. Но боље од лепог времена, прелепог погледа и плажа је био мали породични ресторанчић, сакривен у сопственој башти, где је тата кувао фантастична, врхунски пробрана јела, мама правила посластице какве нисам нигде видео, док је син би послуга. Стварно фантастична клопа, а не може бити даље од цивилизације и људи. Имам утисак да смо налетели на строго чувану локалну тајну, јер ни знак није баш било лако видети, чак и да неко налети у ту вукојебину.
Ако вас пут нанесе у те крајеве, обавезно станите код Моли Њорд Баште и погледајте шта то фино кувају за вас. Нећете се покајати. :)
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