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Created 17-Apr-16
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When you add 24 years Tina lived through and add her father's 54, result is the birthday cake that has to be carefully navigated around smoke detectors.
Тина и Саша су прославили рођендан у кругу породице и пријатеља, троуглу сланог, киселог и слатког, и квадрату алкохолног, безалкохолног, газираног и негазираног. Све у свему - било нам је лепо!
And Filip thought that his shirt is loud :)Sandra's action shotFIRE!!!Handling fireI'll huff, and I'll puff, ...One is leftEnemy is destroyed and house is safePickupThere is a  hole hereSerbian Monopoly is LOUD!Lineup

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