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Created 9-May-15
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Many go to the parade to wait for hours as the procession is moving in front of them, until they finally get to that brief moment they were really waiting for - a glimpse of fabled Seafair Pirates. Loud group of rascals that everybody loves so much, runs around getting smiles and shrieks from the crowd as they pass. They do not listen to anybody but a captain, and stay in one place just long enough for a fast selfie.
Once a year they have a Picture Day, where they go around the Seattle and do nothing but posing for their photographer, listening to him almost like to the Captain Kidd. Maybe more, because this time captain listens to the photographer too. :p

Guess who was the PPP (Proud Pirate Photographer) this year? :)


Страшни локални гусари дивљају по парадама, дечјим болницама и кафанама кад год хоће, осим једног дана у години када се окупе и слушају свог фотографа који их муштра док слике довољно добре да извуче живу главу. :)

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