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When you are young and with a good sense of balance, these mini-Segway wheels are great way to get around. Just step on them and with a slight lean forward or backward, you are on the move! Push one foot more and you are turning. Easy-peasy for somebody like Filip, and this is why this was his b-day gift. For me - this would be a death wish. I couldn't keep even one foot on this while other was safely on the ground. Crazy gadget wanted me to fall and I had my hands firmly on the wall. Sheesh!
Ово мини возило се понаша скоро као онај летећи скејтборд из филма 'Повратак у будућност'.​​ Клизиш к'о фантом, ноге се и не померају. Фићко се обрадовао као да је нови ауто добио а не скејтборд на батерије. Још само да се не повреди, чедо мало мамино. :)
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