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Created 7-Mar-15
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When Tina is not around, Hamilton likes to pose for photos (a.k.a. doesn't care about anything anymore), but when Lucy comes to visit him, photographer has to work extra hard to focus on those two black rockets as they zip in and out of shadows.
Јес' да је цура два пута већа од момка, и да момак неће правити кучиће, аи то не значи да се не могу играти заједно, јурцати по башти и плашити пролазнике лајањем са ове стране ограде.
PortraitClose upElegant linesPosingAre we done yet?Jumping overB/WSilly LucyBFFLift-offAirbornEyeing the photographerRelaxingRompingJumpGreyhound styleJumping overEscaping to bushesRunning awayFooling around

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