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Created 8-Sep-14
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Once upon a time, our treehouse was held by mighty tree trunks, and our eco-architect smartly allowed for a tree growth that would not be impeded by the construction, and it would not pose a safety risk for kids. So the tree grew and grew, and kids grew and grew, and the tree house stood silently for more than a decade. Much longer than predicted originally, so something had to give up. House was designed to survive more than a dozen kids romping inside, but a tree was not designed to keep it for so long and, unfortunately, didn't survive. Another example of how strong and mighty fell under the tooth of time and under the influence of the younger generation.


Када правим нешто као кућицу на дрвету, па кажем 'има ово да стоји овде док деца не одрасту', требало би да се сетим да уклоним трагове нечовјества пре него што моји изуми почну да угрожавају околну флору па треба да зовем мајсторе са југа да уклоне лешеве.
Low hanging debranchingChop!Size mattersExtending the reachFruit of the laborGoing higher... and higherToward the topTime to tie the knotStretch it a bitCut to aim the fallTIMBER!!!TIMBER!!!TIMBER!!!TIMBER!If American tree falls down in the backyard, and nobody is around whose native language is English, did the tree make a sound, буку or ruido?From the topYes, the tree was certainly dead before it fell... but still beautiful in its own wayTop

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