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Created 17-Aug-13
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We are not farmers, but that doesn't mean we have no orchard on our land. Mostly plums, but pears and cherries can be found too. It is Zorica's territory so I never noticed that ladybugs are part of this ecosystem as well. At least, I never knew that ladybugs could look like this.
Немају само сељаци воћњаке - имамо и ми наш. Већином шљиве али буде ту и крушака и трешњи. А има и бубамара. Ја сам градско дете, тако да им нисам ни препознао љуску коју су оставиле.
Our orchardPlumsPlumsPlumsPlumsOn a plumLadybug Pupas on a plumLadybug Pupas on a plum

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