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Created 7-Apr-13
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DAVIS CUP REPORT: 'Fans & Навијачи'
Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho takes a bit less than 12,000 people. There were more than 8,000 visitors each day of the Davis Cup, and they were great. Tennis has its own special rules, and game is stopped until everybody is sitting, and there is an absolute silence in the whole place. After the point is the time to cheer for your team, and both sides used it as much as they can. But! This was in the middle of USA, thousands of miles from Serbia, and level of noise Serbian fans were raising in those moments they were allowed to, was close to those of American fans. During press conferences, every single player and their team captain were thanking their fans that came from all over US, Canada, Europe, Republika Srpska and Serbia just to be here and cheer the national team. Having this kind of support so far away from your country really helps players. As I promised to some of the players, I’m forwarding their message to all fans that came: THANK YOU!
Тенисери су имали велику помоћ на терену. Иако су мечеви играни у сред Америке, наши навијачи су били гласни и подржавали тим све време. На свакој конференцији за новинаре коју су имали после мечева, обавезно су се захваљивали верним навијачима, који су дошли из целе Америке, Канаде, Европе, Републике Српске и из Србије да би навијали за свој тим. Бозољац је рекао да се током утакмице окретао публици да упије енергију коју су одавали да му помогне да се бори и даље. Као што сви знамо – помогло је. Хвала свимa који су дошли и помогли својим гласовима овој великој победи.

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